economic project correction

I have the excel sheet and word paper already done for this project but it is incomplete. If you could please look over it and look over the comments that i got and correct it based on the instructions.

comments i received:

your sheets are very cluttered and its hard for me to understand what you have done. For starters, I would look at the project guidelines again and make sure that I produce the regression line equation and regression line fit plot for questions 2aa, 2ab, and 2ac. As far as I can see in your “Regression Question 2” tab, you have not done this. You have several plots with no data in them in the version you sent to me.

The multiple regression tab has many results, but it does have the regression equation. In this case you have the summary output chart which we produced in class (please check the spreadsheet icon on slide 16 of the applications of regression slidedeck to see what you need to turn in from the summary output chart). You also will need the equation which you have produced here.

I would need to see the same information for 3a with the forecasting exercise. For instance, where is the equation that you generated in question 3a that you used to produce the RMSE in 3b?


attached document called project guidelines

The project is on Walmart

Fix it up correctly please based on the instructions