Educational Theory – Constructivism.


Assignment Question – Adopting one learning theory, develop a lesson plan and justify its design. You should justify the lesson plan by considering both theory and methods of instruction in relation to the instructional context where the lesson will be given. The lesson plan itself should be included as an appendix. Guidance: Your lesson plan should include the following: Title of the lesson, Aims and Objectives or Learning Outcomes of the lesson, Outline of the lesson indicating Teaching methods and resources that will be used. You SHOULD aim to justify your lesson plan by demonstrating how the theoretical approach(es) which underpin the lesson plan design have been selected in relation to the overall purpose of the lesson. You SHOULD NOT try to explain the entire design of a single lesson from a range of different theoretical viewpoints (e.g. a behaviourist would explain this plan by… a cognitivist would say…; a humanist…. etc.). Whilst it is important to acknowledge that some theories overlap, we still expect you to present the essay from ONE theoretical perspective. A justification should make clear why you have chosen to use a particular method and which theory you had in mind when you designed the lesson. Think of yourself as a designer, or architect of a lesson. Don’t put a lesson together and then try to fit it to a theory. Harvard referencing.