Effective Communication

Suggested by Writer communication class : create a Facilitation Guide –use following scenarios: You have been hired by a company to train managers in effective communication, you have a 3 hour session. There are 15 people in the group.** the guide should include: 1. a description of the goals & outcomes 2. presentation/process strategies, preparation steps 3. materials needed, 4. handouts, 5. detailed agenda.+put actual timing 6. In the agenda you could put an exercise or show video (you can just copy the link or attached the document. like the sample I provided. *i will provide a sample, create a facilitation guide like that. Read through then you would know how to write, but do not copy or paraphrase anything on the sample and format should change. *purpose is to show how the meeting is going to run, how to fill in the 3 hours be sure to have some exercise or anything you think of to fill in this 3 hrs * if you want to use any handout or exercise or video found online just copy the link