Egg White as a Quality Control in Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption

Egg White as a Quality Control in Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/ Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI-MSI) 

Investigate/research an article from the Analytical Chemistry (published by the American Chemical Society) The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to some of the literature in analytical chemistry and to investigate your chosen topic in depth. You will choose a primary paper and use additional papers in your investigation. • In your paper, you will describe/discuss the content of your chosen primary paper. • Primary criterion for grading: Does your discussion demonstrate a clear understanding of the primary paper? • Typos which do not interfere with the meaning of your paper will not be penalized. Requirements • 4 pages (additional pages will neither be rewarded nor penalized) • Minimum of 3 references (one of which will be your primary paper, the other 2 will probably be references referred to by your primary paper’s author(s) • Font: 12 • Margins: 1” on all sides (Microsoft Word default setting) • Format: APA or MLA (be consistent) • A list of references MUST be provided at the end of your text. • Figures/Graphs: You may include these if it will assist your explanation, but will not count towards the 4-page length requirement (These may come from the primary paper or your other references, but must be properly cited.) • Due Date: Your paper and a copy of the primary paper (in paper form) is due the class meeting prior to the final exam. Presentation Requirements • 5 min minimum • 10 slides minimum