electromagnetism exam 1

Exam opens are 4:30 and the exam is timed with 60 mins. I am going to provide where to find the exam and please try to make at least an 85 grade.

Step one

log in through this website


message me for username and password

for security purposes select SMS passcode and number will be 2147740 if you have problems logging in please message me and I will provide another SMS passcode.

Step two:

when you log in click on SMTE-3315-C01 Found Approaches To Physical Science on the right of the screen

Step Three:

On the left of the screen click on Electromagnetism tag

Step Four: click Electromagnetism Exam CURRENT and click begin

I also provide notes and powerpoints.

There will be multiple choice and some short answer questions. Remember this exam need to be started no later than 5:30 today 4/16.

Thank you so much for your help. If you have any questions please message me