Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue

For this paper, imagine that you are going to put on a production of this play. What directing and design choices will you make? Your paper should meet these requirements: — formulate a concept statement about the play. This statement should briefly express your own unique interpretation and approach to the play. Please describe at least three design choices that you would make. When I say “choice,” that may mean a particular character’s costume, a particular setting in the play, or how a particular transition or special effect will be accomplished. –Your choices must cover at least two of the design areas we discussed (set, costumes, light) and must address three of the four elements we discussed in class (color, line, shape, texture). Be sure you keep this in mind, as it will prove crucial to effectively organizing your paper. –For each of the choices you describe, you must explain how your design choices relate to your concept. Your paper should be 1000 words. Be sure to use at least two design areas and three of the elements of design. Papers submitted as .pages files will not be accepted and will receive automatic zeroes.