Emotional Abuse

Project description Assignment This paper is a professional review of research on a topic that is related to child abuse or neglect. The student should gather information from research publications and put together a logical discussion that provides information on research findings related to that topic. Do not use interviews or personal experiences in this paper. This is also not a personal reflections paper; just report the research findings you have gathered. This paper MUST address some aspect of child abuse or neglect. In fact, that should be the focus of the paper. For example, do not write a paper on domestic violence that either does not address the effects on children, or only has brief mention of that fact. The focus of the paper should be the effects of domestic violence on children. Gathering References Research Journals: Information should be gathered mostly from research journals. Articles from these journals are available through the WSU library. Check the link for œLibrary Instructions to see where to gather information for your selected topic. Books: Do not use books for this assignment. Stick to research articles published in refereed journals. Internet: Some Internet sites may be appropriate sources of information. For example, The American Medical Association, The World Health Organization, or The Children’s Defense Fund are examples of professional Websites. Avoid personal Websites or Websites run by unknown or questionable organizations. Avoid: News papers or magazines or any other publication that is a secondary source of information. Also, do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias, and definitely do not use Wikipedia. Do not use the textbook, or any other textbook as a primary reference. Go to the original research article. Never use notes from this class or any other class as a reference. Avoid double citing (Smith as cited by Jones). Go to the original source. Formatting The paper should be 6 “ 8 pages (not counting the cover page, abstract, and reference page). It should be double spaced, use 12 point Times New Roman. That font is now required for APA format and other fonts are either not professional or they are a headache to read. APA guidelines apply. The paper should have a running head and page numbers in the upper right corner, and headings and references should conform to APA format. APA guidelines are available on the HD Homepage Click on the œResources link on the left sidebar and scroll down to œWriting Resources. The paper should have the following components (to see how an APA paper should look, open the link for the œExample of Literature Review provided in the œPapers space): Cover page: The cover page includes (1) title of the paper, (2) name of the course and course number, (3) semester and year, (4) author’s (your) name and student ID number, (5) the running head notation per APA guidelines. Abstract: The abstract appears on the second page by itself. It is 100 words or less and should give a brief description of the topic and the major findings gathered from your review. Include a short list of three or four key words at the bottom of the abstract. Do not indent the abstract and do not include any citations; it is just a brief overview of the main findings. Introduction: The introduction starts on page 3. It is usually about 1/2 page long¦no longer than one page. The intro provides a brief description of the topic about to be discussed. This is the œgrabber section of the paper. It should œgrab the reader’s interest in the topic. Provide some information on how serious, or how prevalent, or why the topic is important. Provide citations to back up your statements. Review of Literature: The review is the body of the paper and it should begin with a sub-heading to set it apart from the introduction. For this assignment, it is a review of research on the topic of your choice. This is a professional report of the research and knowledge available on your topic¦it is not an opinion paper. No personal opinions or experiences should be included. Every paragraph should have a minimum of one citation, more when indicated, to back up the statements. The main points of discussion should be separated and a heading should be used to identify and separate those main points. The discussion should have a smooth and logical flow of information. Discussion: The discussion is the finishing touch that ties everything together. This section typically is 1/2 to one page long. What were the major findings? Did the authors of the research you reported generally agree, or were the findings mixed? The discussion section should include citations to: (1) back up your statements and (2) tie back to the main points of discussion. References: Start the references on a new page. All references that appear on the list should also appear in the literature review and vice versa. Referencing should follow APA guidelines. Check the example of the literature review provided in this Term Project space. Provide at least 6-8 references, and they should come primarily from research journals. . Some Websites can be used as references if the source is credible (e.g., The World Health Organization). Do NOT use interviews, personal experiences, or notes from this or any other class. Avoid œsoft references (magazines, news articles, etc.). It is better to cite the original source than to œdouble cite or to cite a secondary source. If you are writing on spanking, do not use James Dobson as a reference. Do not use personal experiences. Do not use interviews or your own surveys, etc. Do NOT use lecture notes from this or any other class. Do NOT use news articles, magazine articles, or the text as a reference source. Also do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias as references¦especially do not use Wikipedia. Writing Original writing: The paper MUST be written in your own words, while giving credit to the original author. Even though it is your writing, the original idea came from someone else¦so give them credit. Provide at least one reference per paragraph in the literature review (even if it is the same reference used in the preceding paragraph). Take notes on each article, including citation information, and then set the articles aside before you begin to write. That way you will avoid copying. Copying more than three words in a row or rearranging words in a sentence is not writing; it is plagiarizing. Avoid direct quotes. Avoid œdirect quotes even if they are cited correctly. Everything should be expressed in your own words, giving credit to the original author(s). Using œdirect quotes is not writing; it is simply copying another’s writing. This paper should consist entirely of the student’s original writing. Writing Tips Sentence structure/write in complete sentences (this is a no-brainer, but¦.). Avoid a series of short, choppy sentences (it’s like bumping along a railroad track). On the other hand avoid long meandering sentences (if it is more than 2-3 lines, it is too long). Be consistent with singular/plural usage. 3rd person format is better for this type of paper (avoid I, we, you, your, etc.). Write in the active voice. Avoid starting a sentence with œthere is, œthere was, or œit is. Rework the sentence. Avoid starting sentences with œbut or œand. Use paragraphing appropriately (every time the train of thought changes). Use headings & subheadings (APA style).

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