Employee Performance Management


For this module’s project assignment on ABC Company, consider the following as it relates to employee performance management: Determine how to analyze employee performance. Research various means of coaching and performance management. At ABC Company, there is a manufacturing production operator that co-workers are complaining about “not pulling their weight” on the job. Complaints include the production operator arriving late for work, taking longer breaks, not helping their co-workers, being lazy on the job. The supervisor has decided to investigate the complaints and have coaching and performance discussions with the employee.

Write a minimum 4-page paper discussing actions the supervisor can and should take in this situation. Please discuss the following: What is the difference between coaching and performance management? How should the supervisor consider approaching this situation? How should the supervisor define and respond to the poor performance? What theories can the supervisor apply to correct the poor job performance? Consider the Kinlaw Process, Fournies Process or other coaching processes. Which coaching process should the supervisor use? How should the supervisor plan and execute the performance discussion with this employee? What could happen if the supervisor cannot get mutual agreement to improving performance? Include 3 credible references. See the course introduction for additional information on library databases