eng 122 argumentative essay college research paper

TOPIC : How does tobacco use affect the human body?



The recommended 2,000-2,500 word length shall equate to a minimum of 8 pages. Ten pages would be ideal. This is not counting the title page (for APA) or References (APA) page(s).

This essay will demonstrate each writer’s ability to create a research-based argumentative paper that: 1) persuades a specified audience through a well-developed line of reasoning, 2) shows the student has gained the benefits of research, 3) illustrates the understanding and utilization of argumentative rhetorical strategies, 4) demonstrates the ability to correctly incorporate outside source material as necessary for support of the student’s claims, and 5) demonstrates mechanical and grammatical mastery, including accurate style documentation.

Source usage:

The number of sources used varies depending on the complexity of the argument, chosen topic, and a targeted audience, but the final research paper MUST contain a minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed sources and NO LESS THAN seven (7) credible sources total. Eight to 10 sources are desired. One of the sources cited MUST be a scholarly book through a Library. In addition to the peer-reviewed sources, the student may cite a variety of sources including but not limited to books, websites, journals, newspapers, illustrations, charts, popular magazines and books, films, broadcasts, videos, musical scores, podcasts, blogs, physical objects, photos, or interviews.