Engineering Project Management Blackwell

Engineering Project Management Blackwell

Engineering Project Management Blackwell


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  • Digital electronic circuit trainer kit with 300×220 mm front panel with the shock proof plastic cabinet, power supply, function generator etc.
  • Magnetic field apparatus that has 4mm socket terminal with the U-shaped magnet and a pair of brass rails.
  • Physics lab kit such as Newton’s ring, Lambert’s law, Polarimetry, Wheatstone bridge etc., which could be used widely for the precise measurement, accuracy and durability
  • Usage of Linear algebra, Ordinary differential equations and complex analysis in the field of circuit theory in solving the capacitive and inductive analysis problems
  • Usage of Partial Differential Equation (PDE) in the field of quantum physics that includes uncertainty principle (Rogers, 2008), Schrodinger equation as well as a little part could be used in electromagnetism
  • Usage of Stokes and divergence theorem of vector algebra in the field of electromagnetism
  • Usage of Fourier analysis in the field of Digital Signal Processing for the conversion of time based signal into frequency based signal.
  • Presentation done by recording the experiment either in the CD’s or video tapes focusing on the most important points, the structure and the end of the presentation
  • Topic chosen to make the audience more interesting
  • Explanation done in a short, precise way, speaking slowly, clearly, and fluently keeping eye contact with the audience.
  • Successful presentation includes perfect body language (Nepal & Stewart, 2010), accessing the situation, taking audience inventory, getting organized and enhancing the research area in the field of electrical engineering.
  • Networked digital library of theses and dissertations that enhances student knowledge by producing documents based on electronics, utilize digitalized library and realize concern for publishing.
  • Fundamentals of industrial designs that could be done through Visual literacy that could highly increase the activity of the company, which also includes sketchy as well as grid drawing.
  • Software such as Matlab, CATIA, ZWCAD, PTC Creo, Solid edge used for the development of circuits, equipments and analyzing its functionalities
  • Matlab software evolves a high level programming language in an interactive environment used for the numerical computating and visualization
  • CATIA helps with designing a product based on the electrical field, which helps in implementing the product with the real time.
  • Circuit analysis deals with building up of the circuits by finding all the current and voltage sources in a given network.
  • Digital system helps in designing, processing, storing and communicating the information in the digital format with the sufficient logic gates (Smith, 2008)
  • Power systems deals with the building of electrical networks that generate, contribute and transfer the electrical power.
  • More than 22 per cent of electrical and electronics engineer work in the field of architectural of engineering consulting firms
  • About 10 per cent engineers work in the navigation, medical and instrumentation control field. Same percentage of engineers work in the transmission and distribution of power in certain power plants
  • Quality control engineer, Test engineer, design engineer, Process manufacture engineer etc.
  • Design the product with the help of the software provided without the hardware implementation at the first
  • Note the required products used in the development such as IC’s, timers, counters etc.
  • Estimate the cost of the equipments that has been used and try to lesser the cost at a maximum with the consideration of the efficiency.
  • The team members of the project will be guided by the Project Human Resource Management. They have to thoroughly organize, manage and lead their team members (Stewart, 2007).
  • Purely responsible for monitoring and controlling the Risk management factors and completes the project in an estimated budget within the sufficient deadline with the cost and time management.

An Engineer Should Follows Certain Ethics (PMI, 2008) That

  • Holds safety and provide beneficial health to the public
  • Services performed only in the particular field of expertise
  • Public statements evolved should be in a truthful manner
  • Deceiving acts should be avoided by maintaining their honors and laws.

Life Long Learning (LLL) means gaining knowledge with the self-motivation that could improve both the individual and proficient aspect (Engineers Australia[EA], 2011).

Continuing Engineering Education (CEE) deals with the specialized training given to engineers in both the technical and non-technical field. This involves educating a engineer globally.

  • Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) focuses on the outcome based on the Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology (ABET) that understands basic logic gate combination, symbols, truth table, timing diagrams etc.
  • This focuses on the operation of fundamental logic digital circuits.


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Engineering Project Management Blackwell