engl paper

We have now explored research and wrote a well rounded informative essay on our topics, it is now time to write from our positions on the issues. You will choose one of the argument claim types that we have discussed this semester (defintional, resemblance, causal, evaluation, proposal, or you can combo two together). You should continue to use the same topic and the same research you will just argue an aspect of the topic.

Instead of an abstract, we will include a Toulmin page in its place. You will Toulminize your paper using the format below. Use your chosen claim type chapter’s Toulmin outline to help you with format and wording choices.

  • Paper must be 4-6 pages (not including title, Toulmin and reference pages)
  • Must include proper APA format (title page, running heads, page numbers, reference page)
  • Include a Toulmin Page:


Stated Reason: