engl102 week 2 discussion 1

engl102 week 2 discussion 1.

In this forum, post your thesis statement (a complete sentence) and a brief outline for the critical evaluation essay. For your critical evaluation essay, you will probably want to evaluate the same TED Talk that you chose and discussed in last week’s Forum. In fact, The Week 2 Forum was designed to allow you to get a head start on your critical evaluation essay by first analyzing your chosen speech within Forum 2, before developing it further here, in Forum 3.

Then, discuss how you plan to show how your chosen speaker uses ethos, pathos, logos, etc. Choose one original example of this support, and explain how it was effective in the speech’s argument. Cite this example correctly using MLA style documentation.

Finally, consider the following. During this section of the course you evaluated a speaker’s rhetorical skills. How can this sort of critical evaluation of another speaker’s methods of persuasion be used in future courses at APUS?

In your responses, find a classmate who chose a different argument than yours. Do you agree with your classmate’s discussion? See if you can find a different example of where support is used within that chosen speech (or point out a possible fallacy to your classmate). Continue this conversation over a few days. Also, if you find that your chosen classmate has misunderstood the critical evaluation essay instructions, please help that student get back on track.

engl102 week 2 discussion 1