english 102 33

Your initial thread should be three paragraphs in length (200 words) and provide textual evidence. You should provide at least one direct quote from the source formatted in MLA Style.

You will discuss “The Mule-Bone.” Read through the two acts quickly, as if you were an audience member watching it take place before you (i.e., read sequentially and don’t worry about every detail or go back over a scene studiously-though try to attend to as many clues and dimensions of the script as you can). Then, re-read slowly and analytically, looking for meanings, patterns, poetry, characterization and themes, and studying the sections that confused you. Consider the play’s artistry and ideas.

Lastly, compose a main post that reflects upon some particular aspect of the play: a character; a particular scene you found entertaining or meaningful; the play’s use of language (Southern dialect); its staging, etc. Explain why you chose that element to write about.