english discussion 57

I have an English discussion with 7 questions that I need to do. You have to read both articles and then answer the questions.

  • First, write down 5 different body rituals in your post and 5 different adjectives you can use to describe these people in your post.
  • Who is this text REALLY about? Consider what Nacirema is spelled backwards.
  • Does knowing what this text is really about change your opinion about these people? Why or why not?
  • What is Miner’s purpose in writing about these people in this way? What do we have to learn about the adjectives we initially used to describe these people?
  • What is Audre Lorde’s claim about oppression?
  • How does Miner’s lesson relate to Audre Lorde’s claims in her text?
  • How can we apply the idea of the “Voices from the LEFT” to Miner’s and Lorde’s texts?
  • .PDF version article one Miner
  • this text by Audre Lorde (Links to an external site.) article two Lorde