enhancing decision making management information systems 16e laudon amp laudon

Create a fictitious business. Your business could be retail business with multiple stores, service business, manufacturing, home care, healthcare, agriculture, etc. The following might be used as a template to organize your thoughts:

  • The Nature of Business: what it does, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.
  • The Business Problem: identify the business problems that can be solved using modern information technology solutions, specifically emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Edge computing, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, IoT, wireless technologies, RFIDs, etc.
  • (In the opening cases of each chapters, a business is discussed and a problem identified. And then the choice of the technologies or system the company choses is outlined. Please make sure that you consult the case to properly understand what you are expected to do.)
  • Recommended Solution: describe and outline your recommended solution. Remember the system/technologies you are recommending help your fictious business be more effective and efficient. Your recommendations help in enhancing the decision making processes in the business.

This has two deliverables, an MS Word report and a PowerPoint presentation.

You are to answer the following questions and complete the following projects based on your review of the chapter material and additional online research. You will not receive credit for this assignment if I have any reason to believe that any of your answers are copied from another source and are not based on your own understanding of the chapter material and the question(s) – no exceptions. These assignments are aimed at enhancing your learning of the subject, assessing your understanding of the material and assisting you in successfully being tested on the subject.INSTRUCTIONS: