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Description Instructions Uploaded: 2020B_Take_Home_Midterm__19-20_.pdf Sources listed below, please read carefully as some are uploaded but some are web articles. Dark Continent: * Prefatroy Letter2 * CONSTRUCTING THE DARK CONTINENT: METAPHOR AS GEOGRAPHIC REPRESENTATION OF AFRICA * Imagining Africa *AN IMAGE OF AFRICA Yellow Peril &Model Minority *1998__FromYellowPerilthroughModelMinoritytoRenewedYellow[retrieved_2019-11-22] *2015__PsyZinguptheMainstreamingofGangnamStyleEmbracingAs[retrieved_2019-11-22] * Noble/dangerous savages”: Indigenous people in North America * YOU’RE NOT THE INDIAN HAD IN MIND * LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU The New Racism * Yon, Daniel A. (2000). Elusive Culture: Schooling, Race, and Identity in Global Times, “Chapter 1: Mapping the Field”, pp. 1-28.URL