Estée Lauder company

 This is a business strategy project 1. Conduct high level research to identify where the industry and company is now. Research where the company is now. This will enable you to understand the general market dynamics, key competitors and relative positioning of your company within the industry. 2. Establish a planning horizon: is this a one, two, three, five or ten-year plan? 3. Appendices. Each strategy framework is to be in its own appendix. If your strategic recommendation will result in a change within any of the frameworks, add an ‘After’ version of the framework which documents the change. Assume competitors do not change their strategies after you change your strategy. Within the appendix of each framework, justify the analysis and cite your research. a. Stakeholder Priority Matrix / Stakeholder Map (Mandatory) b. PESTEL (Mandatory) c. Porter’s 5-Forces (Mandatory) d. Strategic Group Map (Mandatory) e. Porter’s Competitive Strategies Map (Mandatory) f. Industry Matrix (Key Success Factors) (Mandatory) g. Competency Analysis (VRIO) (Mandatory) h. McKinsey 7s (Bonus Marks) i. Porter’s Value Chain Analysis (Mandatory) j. BCG Growth-Share Matrix (Mandatory if relevant to your strategic recommendation) k. Detailed SWOT (Mandatory) l. External Factor Analysis Summary (Mandatory) m. Internal Factor Analysis Summary (Mandatory) n. Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix (Mandatory) o. TOWS Analysis (Mandatory) p. Business Canvas Model (Bonus Marks, only make for the state of the organization after the implementation of your strategic recommendation, not before) REQUIREMENTS : MIN- 1 PAGE FOR EACH TOPIC Works Cited / End Notes. Use whatever citing style the University reaches or simple footnotes or endnotes. Cite all of the internal and external environmental analysis used in the report and appendices.