ethics and privacy recommendations


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Give an example of an ethical or privacy issue that came about through use of an information technology? What changes would you recommend in order to minimize the impact of these challenges?

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Can you propose an alternative solution to the challenges mentioned? And, what is your opinion on how the company in question handled the issue?

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    ”One example of information technology that has raised lots of concerns about privacy are voice assistants. Voice assistants such as Alexa by Amazon, Google Home, Cortana by Microsoft, Siri by Apple, have been known to save audio files from customers, even when not being asked a question or command. This can be seen as a violation of privacy. Having a device monitoring everything you say aloud can be worrying or just uncomfortable to many consumers. The developers of these voice assistants are under the suspicion that they use any saved audio to gain extra data knowledge of their consumers.

    We can face these issues of the violation of privacy by implementing more laws and regulations on how voice assistants can be assembled and the ways they function. It is possible to create a voice assistant device that can pertain to the requests of the users while having a respect for privacy in their homes”.