Euthanasia – medically assisted suicide

Description This is a PART 1 of a continuous QUALITATIVE research project. For this order, please follow ASSESSMENT 2 guidelines in the doc attached.Therefore, it must be the SAME WRITER for each order on this research paper. I will do the field work/research once ethical approval is obtained, and writer will help with all the written/paperwork accordingly. Writer must be committed for the next 9 months. Orders will be repeated and paid accordingly for the whole duration of the project. Writer must be willing to communicate and address feedback as Supervisor will guide and give feedback etc. FOR THIS ORDER: 1. I will need writer to help me with formulating the dissertation topic (on Euthanasia) and subsequently address it using the Dissertation Topic Choice Form. This should be done within the next few days. On the Dissertation Topic Choice Form: What is/are your research questions section, just briefly describe the data collection technique, i.e describe the Qualitative questionnaire such as author/literature and where you got it from. Actual questionnaire is not required yet at this point.  I will explain my research idea once a writer has been assigned. Generally, I would like to interview people or maybe university students about their views or experience regarding Euthanasia and legalising it in UK. Sample size will be around 10-12 people. The rest of it it’s best I discuss with writer, he/she will be able to guide me on this. 2. For the Assessment 2, I will inform writer once the dissertation topic choice form has been accepted and approved by Supervisor. It will probably take around 2 weeks to know this. 3. For this part, there is also a Presentation (please read the guideline doc attached). So I will place the order separately with payment. This will be a PowerPoint presentation based on the topic above. Further presentation criteria will be provided when I’m placing the order. I will confirm this order once Dissertation Topic Choice Form is approved by Supervisor. A FIRM REMINDER, DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING ON TURNITIN as I will be using that software for all uni submission. This is a post graduate taught program (MSc Nursing). For the number of references, it does matter. As many as you need, as long as all the statements are supported by literature and cited (in text) and referenced at the end as per HARVARD REFERENCING.