Event Analysis

Event Analysis This report is to select a local community event in Australia. I choose the Royal Easter Show as the event. This assessment is using the same event as the event described in assignment 1 which i will upload later, but this time need to provide a more indepth analysis of the chosen event. This report will follow a report structure, it is expected that it will include: ? A title page. ? A table of contents. ? Use of appropriate subheadings around which you are able to organize your content and discussion. ? Use of relevant references to support your discussion. Note that the references consulted must include more than the set textbook and the course study guide. It is expected that a MINIMUM of TEN academic references (hard copy and/or electronic sources) will be used throughout the paper. References must be correctly acknowledged using the required author/date system of in-text referencing. ? A Reference List correctly arranged in alphabetical order by author surname. This report should address the following: ? Introduction. ? Outline the technical, site and other logistical requirements of the event and how these are met; ? Identify possible risks associated with the event and analyse steps taken by the event organisation to manage such risks; ? Identify the staffing requirements of the event and, where relevant, the role of volunteers in conducting the event; ? Outline the budgetary requirements of the event and how these resources are obtained; ? Outline and discuss the elements of the Promotions Mix used to promote the event and analyse the effectives of current promotional activities; ? Recommend additional activities that event organisers could undertaken to improve attendance numbers; ? Conclusion. ? You are required to follow the word count specification of 2,500 words total. Content beyond the maximum word limit (more than 10% over) will not be considered in the grading process. Your writing needs to demonstrate critical thinking regarding the assessment task, reference to wider academic literature and the incorporation of an analytical discussion including theories, theoretical frameworks and conceptual models. ? The reference list should be in alphabetical order and provide the bibliographic details of all citations used. ? You are to provide a synopsis or abstract. The synopsis or abstract should be no more than 200 words in length. This isnot included in the word count. ? The report should be neatly and professionally presented. A complete reference list is required at the end the assignment. Appropriate subheadings may be used. ? You may wish to supplement some aspects of the paper with reference to items that may be placed in an Appendix. All appendix items should be clearly labelled and attached after the reference list. Generally, appendix items should be used sparingly. It is essential that ALL documentation is adequately referenced and that statements/ideas be supported by reference to wider reading.

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