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MRKT 1199 – Spring 2020 – Final Exam – Written Response Section.

(Note: APA formatting is not required but referencing sources to back up your reasoning is always a good idea).

Part I (40%)

IMC and Advertising for Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) (2-5 pages max. total)

The MEC company, based in Vancouver has grown to become of Canada’s leading outdoor equipment retailers. To date they have done very little advertising to promote their products and have relied on word of mouth, their membership loyalty, and a strong brand image to grow their business.

With increased competition from direct competitors, both retailers and online, as well as a “distracted” Canadian population which are getting outside less, MEC has decided to hire you to create an Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) for the next year, designed to move the company to the next level of sales and growth. They are interested in using all advertising tools, including social media and they have asked you to consider this in your campaign.

They are comfortable with you using some or all the following IMC Tools for next year. These include: Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing (catalog, mail, email), Digital Media/social and Mass Advertising (radio, TV, outdoor etc.). [See chapter 14, 15 and 16 of your textbook].

Develop an IMC plan using the AIDA concept, by addressing the following:

A) (5%) What will be the objective of the campaign, for the year? Why?

B) (10%) Which IMC Tools would you recommend for each step of AIDA.

C) (20%) For each IMC tool recommended, identify why you are recommending it for that part of the AIDA step, and the benefit of the tool for that step. (You can use short sentences or bullet points, but please make sure your logic is understandable).

D) (5%) Which advertising appeal will you use and why?

Part II (10%)

Personal Self-Assessment Questions (2-3 pages max. for this section) – 2 % each question. 1) Describe the three main things you have learned from our course.

2) Which concepts/topics/activities have you found valuable and why?

3) What have you learned to understand better/differently?

4) What surprises have you encountered? Was there anything unsurprising?

5) What courses are you considering taking next semester and how do you see these courses connecting moving forward?