exert literature review

As a group we are collectively writing a literature review about the risk factors and protective factors of juvenile delinquency.

My exert is the risk factors and protective factors of mental health and substance abuse, 1 paragraph each for each risk factor.

These two paragraphs need to be substantiated, no generalized statements, no opinions, must be clear and concise.cite properly, avoid pronouns, transition sentences, studies in chronological order.

Below are three articles that will help with the writing of the risk factors of mental health and substance abuse. I will attach a sample of a full literature review, should be written in the same context, also attach is a chart with the articles and summaries.

Leve, L. D., Chamberlain, P., & Kim, H. K. (2015). Risks, outcomes, and evidence-based interventions for girls in the US juvenile justice system. Clinical child and family psychology review, 18(3), 252-279.

Davis, H., Day, C., Cox, A., & Cutler, L. (2000). Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs Assessment and Service Implications in an Inner-City Area. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 5(2), 169–188.

Hirsch, B. J., Roffman, J. G., Deutsch, N. L., Flynn, C. A., Loder, T. L., & Pagano, M. E. (2000). Inner-City Youth Development Organizations: The Journal of Early Adolescence, 20(2), 210–230