Existentialism as Humanism by Jean-Paul Sartre

Questions on Existentialism as Humanism by Jean-Paul Sartre

1.    What does existentialism make possible?
2.    Why do people criticize it?
3.    Do many people equate human nature with evil?  Give examples.
4.    What are two kinds of existentialists? 
5.    Which is Sartre?  What does he believe?
6.    What does Sartre mean when he says existence precedes essence?
7.    Why does he say there is no human nature?
8.    Explain the first principle of existentialism.
9.    Why does he say that man is in anguish?
10.    What does he say about hearing voices?
11.    Explain why he says that if God does not exist, everything is permitted.
12.    What does he mean when he says that we are condemned to be free?

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