expand on existing project management paper

Attached are the existing paper and the case study I am working from.

For this assignment, you will be capturing information that logically builds on the information from the attached paper to bring the total to 6 pages.

  • Use attached paper (expand to 6 pages): Organize what is prepared in. Expand on the information provided and add one additional, current (published in the most recent five years) scholarly source to the references and cite them all in your submission.

Write a paper addressing the Crosby Manufacturing Corporation case. Your paper should be 6 pages in length, not including the required title and references pages and appendices. Diagrams, charts, figures, and tables should be placed in appendices and written about in the body of the paper

  • Support the paper with at least one additional current (published in the most recent five years) source.

Include an introductory section clearly stating your thesis and a mapping of what you will cover; the main body of your paper; and a conclusion. Be clear, concise, and focused. As noted above, organize your work using the headings listed in the beginning of each bullet item listed above