Explain how workplace behavior can directly or indirectly influence organizational effectiveness

Term Paper Guidelines: 1. Paper should be 4-6 pages. In addition to 4-6 pages of content, paper should have a title page and a reference page. 2. Paper should be in APA format (See www.purdueowl.com and/or style guide provided in the start here tab. For more information or visit the library for additional help). 3. 4-5 references. Must be academic. (For example blogs, wikipedia, social media sites are not accepted) 4. Have someone proof read your paper. Formatting and grammar/punctuation are part of the grade. Papers should be 1.5 spaced, error-free, and grammatically correct (i.e. punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc.). Use font 12, Times New Roman or similar block letters. Use 1 inch margin at top and bottom and 1.25 left and right. Make use of writing references such as dictionaries, writing handbooks, and computer based aids like spell checkers and grammar checkers. But remember, computer spell checkers do not spell check within context, therefore, not all spelling errors are flagged. Quality is paramount! All work submitted should reflect your professionalism. You will need at least two outside resources to support your paper. These may be found at on-line libraries, such as NGTC’s Net Library, Galileo, etc. References should be listed APA style.