Explain in detail the assessments you would implement over the shift to identify if she is bleeding internally and her condition deteriorating so you could quickly inform medical staff. Provide rationales for your answer.

HNB3118 Nursing and Complex Care 2015 Written assessment “academic essay Number of words: 1000 Due date: Monday, 27 March 2015 Sonia is a 36 year old involved in a motorcar accident (MCA) on her way home from work Friday night. Her medical diagnoses are: L Pneumothorax (ICC inserted) Lacerated spleen # L shaft of femur Suspected internal bleeding not identified during surgery. Sonia: ¢ has had a general anesthetic and a laparotomy with repair of the liver laceration. ¢ was infused with 4 units of whole blood during surgery ¢ has an epidural line for analgesia. ¢ has an indwelling urinary catheter in situ ¢ IVT 8/24 ¢ O2 via facemask delivered at 8L/min ¢ GCS 15 ¢ vital signs currently stable Essay Task It is now 10pm and you are on night duty. Sonia is transferred from the OR to your ward for immediate postoperative care and you are her nurse for the shift. Explain in detail the assessments you would implement over the shift to identify if she is bleeding internally and her condition deteriorating so you could quickly inform medical staff. Provide rationales for your answer. Note (Very important point to remember) Format: This is an academic essay so dot points will not be used. It is written in the 3rd person. Include a title page for your paper. References: Include accurate and systematic in-text referencing and a bibliography using APA Referencing. At least 5 references that are no older than 5-6 years. This assignment needs evidenced based journal and suggests looking into a peered reviewed articles/journals. Please find attached rubric in grading this essay. HNB3118 Nursing and Complex Care Essay 2015 Marking Grid /100 30% Criteria Performance indicators Organisation of answer 15% Disorganised or incoherent organisation. Answer does not follow any logical sequence. Poor organisation. Some attempt to organise answer in a logical manner. Some organisation. Has identified some of the key concepts and their relationships to each other Good organisation. Coherent, with ideas linked. Exceptional organisation. Consistently links the theoretical concepts in a logical ordered fashion Presentation and Style 10% Meaning unclear & or grammar & or many spelling errors Meaning apparent, but language not always fluent. Grammar and or spelling contains some errors Language mainly fluent. Grammar & spelling mainly accurate with few errors Language fluent. Grammar & spelling accurate. Minor errors only Excellent writing style at a level appropriate to the essay question. Grammar & spelling accurate Discussion of prioritized assessments to identify deterioration 25% Lacks evidence of knowledge about assessment. Significantly misuses terminology Evidence of limited knowledge with repetition and without evidence of understanding Factual & or conceptual knowledge base. Shows some ability in discussion to identify signs of deterioration Reasonable knowledge of the management of the patient and identification of the signs of deteriorating patient. Comprehensive knowledge of the critical issues related to patient management and priorities of care for the deteriorating patient Detailed discussion of rationales for assessments 25% Lacks critical thought or analysis or reference to theory Some evidence of critical thought or critical analysis & rationale Gives a factual account & / or conceptual knowledge base Some application of theory through critical analysis and critical thought of the topic Consistently demonstrates critical analysis and critical thought Use of Literature 15% Either no evidence of literature being consulted or irrelevant to the topic Literature is presented uncritically in a purely descriptive way & indicates limitations of understanding Clear evidence & application of readings appropriate to the subject; use of academic sources identified Critically appraised the literature & theory gained from variety of academic sources, developing own ideas in the process Has developed and justified answer using own ideas based on a wide range of academic sources which have been thoroughly analysed, applied and discussed References 10% Referencing is absent / unsystematic Minimal or mainly incorrect referencing Literature cited is appropriate and/or referencing is mainly accurate Literature cited is relevant but not extensive. Referencing is accurate with minimal errors Literature cited is relevant and extensive. Referencing is consistently accurate

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