Explain the various elements of marketing process

Selective Targeting.

Learning Outcomes                                                 Pass Criteria Covered

LO1                                                                           1.1 Explain the various elements of               

Understand the concept and process                         marketing process

of marketing

LO3                                                                           3.1 Analyse the additional elements of                                           

Understanding the individual elements                     the extended marketing mix

of the marketing mix

LO4                                                                            4.1 Plan marketing mixes for two

Be able to use the marketing mix in                           different segments in consumer markets

different contexts                                                        4.2 Illustrate differences in marketing

products and services to businesses

rather than consumers

                                                                                    4.3 Show how and why international

marketing differs from domestic marketing

Merit                                                                                   Grading Criteria

M1- Identify and apply strategies                         
Judgements have been made that are

To find an appropriate solutions                          
justified by adequate support explanations

and information

M3- Present and communicate                             
The appropriate structure and approach

Appropriate findings                                             
have been used in a logical and coherent 



D1- Use critical reflection to evaluate                  
Conclusions have been at through

Own work and justify valid conclusions              
synthesis of ideas and have been


                                                                                  Self – criticism has taken place and

                                                                                  Realistic improvements have been              


D3-Creative thinking                                              
Effective thinking has taken place and

                                                                                   Applied to the marketing strategy

Summary of tasks:

With the product or service you have been working with you will build a marketing plan. You will start by using or improving the SWOT analysis for your previous assignment. You will analyse the extended marketing mix accordingly and come up with a new strategy for targeting 2 different segments (e.g. children and adults) in two different countries. However, in this assignment you will have to show how your plan deals with the B2B process

At the end of this paper you will also write a short explanation of the marketing process and compare it to what you thought marketing was your first day of class.

Below are closer specifications as to how to answer the ‘pass criteria’ points so that they relate to your product:

For 1.1 – Give a brief explanation of the various elements of the marketing process and compare it your point of view at the beginning of the course.

For 3.1
– Work on the other 3Ps and use others if you wish.

For 4.1 – Remember that marketing strategies are not always the same for different cultures or ages; explain what different strategies you would use for each with the Ps.

For 4.2 – Explain how marketing you product/service to a business is different than marketing to consumers.

For 4.3 – Analyse the differences between domestic marketing and international marketing according to your product or service.

Required Work and Format:

  • To justify your opinion and answers, you MUST state SPECIFIC DETAILS from the SWOT analysis you have created. And apply it to the extended marketing mix.
  • There is no black and white answer to your analysis, therefore always justify your answers based on the SWOT and the targeting strategy you have chosen.


State at least 6 sources you based your work on. All sources of information must be referenced correctly using the Harvard Referencing Style