exploring mathematics curriculum 1

Exploring Mathematics Curriculum Assignment please follow the steps these are some of the questions;

Question Set:

1. Describe your role in the school or organization.

2. Which mathematics curriculum/approach is used in the school or organization program?

3. Why was this curriculum/approach to teaching mathematics chosen over others?

4. How is the mathematics curriculum/approach designed to prepare children to succeed in

kindergarten mathematics?

5. How are technology and media integrated within the mathematics program?

6. Is an integrated approach to teaching mathematics used? If so, with what content areas is

mathematics integrated? How is integration achieved?

7. How is mathematics instruction modified to meet the cultural, linguistic, and ability diverse

needs of students?

8. Have the early childhood teachers received professional development and support in how

best to teach mathematics? If so, what types of professional development were provided?

9. How are parents and families included in planning, implementing, and evaluating the

mathematics curriculum at your school or organization?