family consumer class

Please write one full page and answer ALL the questions and use good grammar! When answering each prompt, label “prompt A” and “prompt B”. Just to give you some information about my background… I am Armenian and we are very cultural/strict so you can talk about that. You can also talk about how we have a lot of traditional stuff. For example, when our stomach would hurt as kids they would say rub vodka on the tummy and put paper toilet over it and it soaks in the pain or you can talk about how parents would always dress their kids very warm even when it was so hot outside because they would think we are cold.

Also growing up, my parents would always work so my grandparents would always take care of me and on weekends my parents would take me out and spend time with me.

I do not have children of my own yet, but you can talk about how I am in the Child Development field, so I have learned a lot throughout these 4 years and expand and answer all the questions. Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Describe how your cultural, ethnic, geographical, and/or religious background shaped the caregiving you received as an infant. What unique customs or traditions were involved during your infancy?

  • In what ways do you think it was different from what you consider to be the “average” American childhood?


  • Who cared for you when you were born? Was your mother or father or someone else your primary caregiver? How have your infant caregivers shaped your childhood?

  • If you have a child, how will you care for your newborn infant? Will you (have the mother) stay home? Only for a few months? Or if you are a parent, then what did you choose to do with your children?