Family Therapy Within the Context of Violence

Family Therapy Within the Context of Violence Statistics report that much of family violence goes unreported. Family violence can occur in many forms, including physical, verbal, and emotional acts; all of them should be assessed. It is essential for marriage and family therapists and all mental health counselors to understand the context of family violence, including how to recognize, assess, and support families through effective treatment interventions. Based on what you have read in your textbook and the assigned articles for this unit, discuss how you would work with a client family that is currently experiencing some type of family violence. (You can decide what type of violence.) Although the entire system is involved, be sure to note which family members are observing and which are participating in the violence. Address each of the following three topics: 1. Give an example of the situation happening with the client family. Include: A) Lifecycle stage information for the family system. B) Relationship patterns within the family system. C) The strengths and resiliency that you see in the family system. D) Red flags that cause concern. 2. How would you approach your work with this family? A) How would you join and engage all members of the family system? B) What are your ethical responsibilities as a marriage and family therapist or a mental health counselor? C) Are there cultural factors for this family system that must be considered? 3. Reflect on how you think you would feel and what assumptions might you be making when you walk into the first session with this family.

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