Fashion and Lifestyle – Popular Culture Critique

 Fashion and Lifestyle – Popular Culture Critique Individual Essay 

Students will critically account for, and assess popular cultural consumption patterns relating to a fashion and lifestyle topic (yeezy brand). When analyzing your popular culture example think firstly who says what, how, to whom, with what effect, and for what purpose in terms of the production and consumption of your pop culture example? In Part B (1000 words minimum): should consist of an analysis of your focus group discussion using my questions. You are trying to test out if the brand is as popular as it thinks it is in Hong Kong and why/why not? Most important to change!!! Please include a “Summary of my interview transcript” – this need not be word for word and this is NOT included in the 1000 word count for this sections. Please Fix it! This will enable you to examine just how popular or not the brand that you have chosen is. Summarise your interview OR focus group findings in a “short report” and please attach your brief transcript overview in addition to your 2000 word count from the interview or focus group!!! 1. What do you know about this brand, and how do know it? (explain) 2. Where have you seen it? (explain) 3. Who wears or uses it? (explain) 4. What is its nationality? (explain) 5. Why is the brand popular, and what does that mean? (explain) 6. Is it the brand is as popular as in Hong Kong? (explain)