Female Friendship in Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

This is the formal instruction provided by the prof: Proposal: Your 2- to 3-page double-spaced proposal should be a preliminary abstract of what you expect your longer paper will be, including a working thesis, the major points your essay will develop, and how you expect the critics in your bibliography will contribute to your own argument. The proposal should be written in proper essay format (i.e. well-developed paragraphs) with a bibliography. The working thesis and bibliography may, of course, be adjusted in the final version. This final essay proposal is for a graduate English Class, the language should be elegant and reflect Master’s academic level. The 5 references should be carefully chosen and researched. 3 should be peer reviewed journal articles (basically 3 critics) and the other 2 should be books, more likely book chapters. The Title of the Final essay is œFemale Friendship in the novel œShirley it’s a general title and should be narrowed down and focused into a specific original thesis. 95

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