film final analysis



Return to the film you reviewed during the first week of the semester. Now that you have learned much in regards to the technical aspects, re-envision your review as a film analysis. Provide a detailed exploration of the film technique and base your claims upon evidence presented in the film and based upon the knowledge you have gained through this course. Place particular focus on a 3 minute sequence from the film. Which genre does it represent (film noir, musical, melodrama, Hollywood epic, war film, comedy, documentary, “message” film, etc.) Comment on at least three cinematic elements that we have discussed thus far (art direction & production design, cinematography, editing, sound design, acting, producing, directing, screenwriting, adaptation) and what they contribute to the sequence. One of the focuses should be your film’s relation to the topic being discussed on your assigned Artist Overview. Your final film review should be elevated in its writing and analysis from the first review. This should not be a resubmission of the first film review with minor adjustments.