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1) Please create your SMART goal for what you are interested in doing in your Independent Research Field and Internship (refer to syllabus)

You are to breakdown each of the letters in the acronym SMART

Part I.

Specific- What exactly are you trying to do?

Measureable- How will you track your progress? (give me tools you will use dates, times, instruments)

Attainable/Achievable- Is achieving this goal realistic with effort and commitment? If so, do you have the resources (name the resources at your disposal, if you don’t have them tell how you will get them)?

Relevant/Realistic- Why is this goal important to you? What are your short and long term goals? (tell me what they are and give end dates to achieve those goals).

Time Limit/Timeframe- Give me a future projection when you will be working in your career of choice.

After you create the goal you are to compile it into a paragraph (each letter is a sentence which, when restated altogether, will equal a paragraph or page information).

After compiling your paragraph you create your Take Action Plan (this will be your SWOT Analysis) component by stating all potential Problems that could hinder you from achieving your goal. Once you have exhausted all potential problems, then create Solutions for every problem.

Part 2:

From what you create as your SMART Goal, find a minimum of 10 Scholarly Peer-Reviewed

Resources to gather the information that will support your goal and answer

1) History of the Organization

2) Demographics

3) Salary

4) Job Description

5) Latest News

6) Legal Issues

Be ready to briefly discuss what is formulating in your mind in order to start creating your Thesis for the Research Paper.