food and beverage stratagies and logistics case study 2

write a 1500 words case study based on the attached instructions.

MLA format with in text citations and works cited page


Part 1 Background

1. Who is the target market?

2. What is the mission of?

3. What is the organizational structure? Who is in charge?

4. Who are the competitors? Describe them?

5. What is the company’s market niche (competitive advantage)?

Part 2 Analysis

6. What are the organizations Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats? (Please complete and submit a SWOT analysis with narrative explaining your findings)

7. Apply Porter’s Five Forces using Dobb’s article for guidance

Part 3 Recommendations

8. List at least three specific recommendations for how Blackrock should proceed. Be sure to support your recommendations with evidence from your analysis.