foreign affairs amp war of 1812

i have 10 questions about foreign affairs and war of 1812

the Questions are

How did the United States respond when Ambassador Genet arrived to demand U.S. participation in the French Revolution, citing the Treaty of Alliance between France and America?

Question 2

How did the United States initially respond to the Barbary Pirates assaulting American ships and ransoming American captives in the 1780’s?

Question 3

What are some reasons the United States could not become involved in the French Revolution?

Question 4

The Quazi War and XYZ Affair are both examples of:

Question 5

The first ship of the new US Navy was:

Question 6

Which of the ships named below did the US Navy send to rescue an American sea captain from Somalian Pirates in 2006?

Question 7

One of the lessons the U.S. learned between 1780-1815 was that:

Question 8

During the XYZ Affair,

Question 9

Some reasons for the US to declare war against Britain in 1811 (the War of 1812) were:

Question 10

By the time that the war of 1812 was over, some entrepreneurs in the United States