formal speech assignment informative 200 pts objective to provide information to your classmates on a particular topic specifics of the assignment prepare and present a 4 5 minute informative speech on a topic of your choice o15 second grace period u

Formal Speech Assignment

Informative (200 pts)


To provide information to your classmates on a particular topic

Specifics of the Assignment

  • Prepare and present a 4-5 minute informative speech on a topic of your choice
    • 15 second grace period-under 3:45 or over 5:15 points will be deducted
  • The speech may be about an object or a place (e.g. ipods, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Park), a procedure (e.g. how to make a cake), a person, group of people, or organization (e.g.Walt Disney, Beyonce Knowles, Planned Parenthood), an event (The Grammy Awards, WWII), or an idea (e.g. time management, stress management).
  • Research the topic and use 3 sources of information to support your topic (main points/sub points). These should be 3 different types of sources (e.g. websites, newspapers, magazines, journal articles, books, interviews, etc.).
  • Use visual aids effectively.
  • Your rough draft outline will be due _______________
  • Your final draft outline will be due on Speech Day _________________
  • You will also need to turn in a bibliography (APA/MLA format) of your sources on Speech Day
  • This speech is worth 200 points
    • Rough Draft Outline (3) 20pts
    • Bibliography 20pts
    • Final Draft Outline 20pts
    • Visual Aid 25pts
    • Verbally Cited Sources (in delivery of speech) 15pts
    • Presentation 100pts

    Identify 3 possible topics you might give your informative speech on. Exactly 3 topics to narrow down if you are thinking of many OR have back up ideas even if you are decided on a topic. For each topic idea answer the following questions:
    1. Why do you think this is a good topic?
    2. Why might your audience like this topic or benefit from it?
    3. Are there any reasons this might not be a good topic?

    You will submit this assignment by class time on 3/2 for credit. However, we will use this assignment in class on that day so please also have access to a hard or electronic copy to use in class–points from this assignment in class will be awarded for rough draft #1 for your informative speech and will be separate from the online submission.