Formal writing assignment

Formal writing assignment.

Read the article, How One Young Car Sharing Entrepreneur Keeps Disrupting How We Get Around

You’ve just been hired as a strategic marketing consultant by John Zimmer to evaluate the future of his latest venture, Lyft. He has several marketing concerns that may affect the success of the service, beginning with, Is there a real need for this service? You’ll want to review Lyft’s and competitors’ websites (explain why you chose the particular companies) to give you a clearer context of the competitive environment.

Fortunately for Mr. Zimmer, you find his business model interesting, despite the critics. You know just how to approach his problem and are able to recommend to him the best marketing strategies for the future of Lyft’s growth.

Use all of your marketing expertise. For further guidance, review the textbook, Powerpoints, and Course Learning Goals on the syllabus.

Your answer should be written in essay form. There is a 1500 word limit, 1.5 spacing, 12 point Times or Arial type font. Don’t quote the article extensively, and underline key thoughts. Remember to cite any outside sources you use (not included in word limit).

Formal writing assignment

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