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They are two part of the job. You need to read the whole book(you can just read the summary that I post… it’s super short… and only look at the book when you want to quote) , then write an answer for one of the questions for at least 150words not including quoted material. After you finish the question, I will give you two different answers from my classmates, you need to response their answers for at least 75 words each one. Note: please include page number when you quote something. example:(Petry p.22). You don’t have to make a quote when you response.

I can’t see my classmates’ answer until I post my answer. Once I receive my answer, I will extend the time.

First part:

Question: Choose one of the following discussion questions for your initial post.

  1. In the end, what set of incidents defeats Lutie’s plan to become a singer? Are the several incidents and causes of her defeat ironically related?
  2. What attitudes does Bub face during his school day? How is the mindset of his teacher represented? Or What other dangers face Bub during an average day? How are these dangers represented?
  3. Years ago, Mrs. Hedges barely survives a fire. What great loss did this accident bring her? What change does it cause in her attitudes and habits? How does she begin her occupation as a madam?
  4. What has been Boots Smith’s past relationship with Junto? Why does he decide to cede his potential relationship with Lutie to Junto? How sympathetic is the reader expected to be to his plight?
  5. Are there any similarities between Min’s and Lutie’s emotions? What does Min learn as she prepares to leave?

Second part:

To response two different answers for at least 75 words each one .