future energy


I need help with my research assignment

they are two parts but same assignment

I should receive two different files

Part one:

1) The statements that you would like to defend in the paper
2) A bullet-point outline of how you will support your statements
3) A detailed list of references that you will be using to defend the statements. At least three references must be new and not discussed in the class so far.

part two:

1) Write the research paper and submit electronically to Canvas

Make your statements factual and supported by evidence and numbers. Avoid expressing your personal opinions, but if you do, clearly say that this is your opinion.

Clearly identify all the sources you use in text (with reference numbers pointing to either References at the end of paper or to footnotes)

see attachment please

from the class
topics covered :

  1. Introduce the course topics and objectives;
  2. Paint a picture of US energy flow from resources to consumption
  3. Discuss energy-related challenges )
  4. Introduce modern fossil fuel power plants
  5. Compare efficiency gains
  6. Introduce cogeneration, a.k.a. Combined Heat Power (CHP)

book using

Alternative Energy Systems & Applications, Hodge, 2nd ed., Wiley, 2016

Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air, David JC MacKay, UIT Cambridge Ltd., 2009 (in Shared Files and free download at www.withouthotair.com)