generic form and conventions

generic form and conventions Write a 1500-2000 word paper that compares two or three literary works from different periods or cultures (at least one must be a work you have not written about before) in terms of: 1. Their generic form and conventions as related to or even as outcomes of their social, religious and political milieus OR a demonstration of the historical development of the genre 2. Their mythic contents and functions in their cultures’ mythology. Note: For the final paper, at least one work must be a work you have not written about before You will want to review while making your topic decision. Present your topic to your instructor for approval by the date indicated on the course calendar. Papers on unapproved topics will not be graded. You are not required to do research, but if you decide to do so, you must then include at least two sources on each literary work so that you do not simply repeat what someone else has concluded, and you must properly quote or paraphrase, including citations in MLA form. The following offer examples of the types of topics you might expect for the final paper. Very likely, neither of these examples will be topics you will be allowed to write on. Generic Topic Example?The Classic of Poetry and Son-Jara both contain various types within the whole, and they were both composed or collected over a period of time. What seem to be the functions of the different types of poetry in Classic of Poetry and the praise poems, genealogies, narrative episodes and other genres within the epic of Son-Jara? What ideas are suggested about the emergence or existence of literary genres? Mythic Topic Example?Monsters are a feature in myths, epics, and other literary works from all over the world. Compare and contrast the monsters in Gilgamesh, the Odyssey and the Ramayana. Explain what these non-human creatures represent in relation to the cultures of the narratives in which they appear and whether they have universal significance. I chose the stories “Medea” written by Euripides and “Son Jara”(Sunjata), PLEASE ONLY USE THESE STORIES! My so called title was going to be “What’s love got to do with it?” This is what I emailed my professor: I would like to compare how the authors used love to convey what the characters did and how they acted. I feel that love makes the person and his actions and is used alot to convey the authors thoughts. I will be using Madea and Son Jara to draw examples from.

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