Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods (Eng 1302) Custom Essay

Neriza A. Pena Eng 1302 Spring 2014 Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods As of 2013, twenty-five states in the US had been considering enacting laws requiring compulsory labeling of foods that were genetically modified (Senauer 1). Congress should pass a law in a bid to affirm its stance on promoting the public ¢s safety. The government requires taking the necessary measures to protect the public amidst fears of unsafe foods. GMOs are genetically modified organism or rather the alteration of the natural DNA sequence in the organism to suit a particular need by humans. They are products of genetic engineering that is the deliberate modification of the genes of an organism using tools of biotechnology essentially involving the introduction of genes that manifest desirable genes in an organism or the removal of the unsuitable. Human impart their influence on gene structure through selective breeding, molecular cloning or mutational breeding (Byrne 23).

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