Getting Started- Buying a Business

 Description Getting Started – Buying a Business ( 1000 words academic essay) Hypothetically assume that you wish to have your own small business by purchasing an existing business in the food, tourism or leisure industries in the Dubai. For this assignment franchised operations are not suitable. Research a number of sources of information that give details of businesses for sale (e.g. newspapers, specialist magazines, web sites, etc.). Find two similar types of small businesses that you feel are suitable for you (i.e. the same type of businesses e.g. small coffee shops). For the Written part: 1. Analyse these two businesses and come to a decision as to which one you would buy. Give details of the issues you considered and explain why you selected the business as your final choice. Provide copies of the advertisements and details of the two businesses considered. 2. Compare and contrast this business to starting a similar business from scratch.  For the Presentation part: You only need to discuss and do a presentation on part 1, i.e. you are NOT required to discuss the comparison of starting your own similar business from scratch as requested in part 2 above. 1.Details of the 2 selected businesses (provide copies of advertisements). 2.Pros and cons of each of the 2 businesses. 3.Explanation and discussion of final choice for the selected business. 4.Discussion of comparison of final choice of business with starting from scratch. Total