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Dissertation Review Assignment: Please try to limit paper to 1500 words. Locate a DBA doctoral dissertation from the GGU library or other resource. Try to find one in a topic area close to the one you are proposing, (if possible). Focus on the first three chapters, the introduction, literature review, and research methods. GGU Library Resources: or visit If you click on the Dissertation Guides tab, you will see, on the right, Finding & Reading Dissertations. You can link to the databases. 

Write a review the dissertation using the following criteria: Statement of the research problem: Is the introduction compelling? Does it make a case for the research? Does it present an effective background statement? Review of literature: Does the dissertation demonstrate a mastery of theories and concepts in the field? Are all arguments presented without bias? Research methods: Does the methods section demonstrate a mastery of methods of inquiry? Does the methodology flow logically from the statement of the problem? Is this the right choice of instrumentation to collect data? Will the methods make a contribution to the body of knowledge on the subject? Please try to limit your paper to 1500 words