global macroeconomics

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Your overall work should not exceed 10 pages ( about 2 pages for the broad region/state/country analysis, 3 to 4 pages about the state of the economy before the crisis and policies invoked to address it and 2 pages of your assessment of its feasibility and recommendation for recovery.

Outline of your deliverable:

1. Pick a region, state or a country you are interested in or you want to learn more about its economic structure (Example of a region could U.S. northeast, Central America, State could be Massachusetts, New York and country any of 182).

2. First describe the economic environment of your choice by identifying its structure and the main driver the economy, factors that have helped (or hindered) its current position, domination forces operating in its environment, i.e. government, private sector or both prior to the current crisis.

3. Identify the fiscal and monetary structure by indicating the role they were playing to achieve the stated objective prior to the crises.

4. Essentially step 1 -3 will map the economic environment of your choice prior to crises.

5. After mapping the economic structure, evaluate their position after the current crises by looking at how it has been impacted.

6. How the policy/decision-makers have reacted and responded to the constituencies’ concern?

7. How deeply the economy has been impacted?

8. What tools do policy/decision-makers have to address the crisis? Can the economy recover?

9. Conclude your analysis with your recommendations, make sure you support your argument and what you recommend can be implemented.