Global warming: Are we doing enough to stop it? Custom Essay

Global warming: are we doing enough to stop it? Most people have heard the issue of global warming, but the major question whether we are doing enough to curb global warming. Global warming was the defined by (IPCC 6) as the gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth and its expected continued rise. (IPCC 10) notes that the average global temperature has risen with about 0.8Oc with much of the increase happening in the last the decades. They further noted that scientists are more than 90% certain that the increase is caused by anthropogenic activities such as deforestation and combustion of the fossils fuels leading to the accumulation of the green house gases. Green house gases as defined by (Grubb: The Kyoto Protocol, FEEM) are those gases in the atmosphere that absorb and emit radiations that are within the range of the thermal infrared

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