Topic: GRC_620_Proposal Writer, I am starting a Doctorate Capstone for my degree in Doctor of Business Administration Systems & Enterprise Resource Management. This is my first step in my submission of an idea for my Capstone. I would like it to concern IT Management, hopefully with network security. My professor posted the following question. Maybe œSecuring networks in a virtual world I have no idea, what to submit, as long as it is in the IT Field, I can understand, because I have over 20 experience in the US Navy with computer networks. Please provide a topic. Whatever writer selected, I will be working with on my doctorate capstone. I have attached some frequently asked questions and my resume to give the writer an idea of my background. The writer can select any topic, he feels comfortable, as long as it is IT related, so I will be able to defend it. This is my first assignment: Please post a brief description of your professional background and initial ideas about your project. Also, post questions that you may have about our working relationship and other areas that may be helpful to you. ##### Once my recommendation is approved, I will send more information. I think one page should be enough to make a proposal, if the writer needs more information, let me know. #### Please let the writer decide the topic, since the writers know, what is required for IT Management

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