greek easter research paper

You will present a history of the food or cultural tradition from an anthropological/historical point of view. For a food topic, you will describe traditional uses in the cultures where it is used, including symbolic uses of the food, historical importance, and any restrictions on the use of the food. For a cultural tradition, you will include discussion of associated symbolic food(s) and their meaning in the context of the celebration, and typical preparations. You will also discuss changing uses of the food or cultural tradition in the modern world due to immigration and globalization.

The paper will be minimum 4-5 pages, double-spaced, in length and must include a list of at least 4 references in APA format (Times New Roman 12 point font, 1” margins all around). In-paper citations should follow the same approved format (APA).

Note: This paper is a research paper and should be written as an objective presentation of the information you have found in researching the topic. Do not include personal opinions or preferences (write in 3rd person only).

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