group project 2 presentation on enterprise system and enterprise architecture considerations assignment

Topic: SCM

Project 1: Please read to get an overall understand on what we did initially

Assignments instructions: Group Project 2_Presentation on Enterprise System and Enterprise Architecture Considerations Assignment


  • Read carefully to avoid confusion and mistakes
  • All use sources must be cited in APA format
  • Use the GRADING RUBRIC, it will help us reach the assignment goal and points needed

2 Cases we selected —-Use this

  1. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management
  2. Subaru supply chain management?


They have divided the roles as below, however I will be handling this part ONLY

Group 2 Project: (Develop an executive-level PowerPoint presentation that uses SCM).

1.Your own set of considerations—both positive and negative—that the CIO should think about prior to making any suggestions that the organization move forward. Your group should consider and address, at a minimum:

    • benefits of enterprise systems
    • limitations of enterprise systems
    • determining the best fit for the organization
    • implementation planning and success criteria, including structure, processes, and culture of the organization; the phases of the System Development Life Cycle; and other considerations
    • potential to enable an enterprise architecture

NOTE, please answer separated for both 2 cases (1. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management & 2. Subaru supply chain management)