gus 1174 the topic of your letter is sanctuary cities and migration the point of the letter is for you to look at migration as a whole that is taking all perspectives legal humanitarian economic and social into account

Your final assignment is to write a letter to a lawmaker. It should be 700-750 words. If you want to see an example, refer to the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section of whichever newspaper you like reading.

The topic of your letter is sanctuary cities and migration. The point of the letter is for you to look at migration as a whole (that is, taking all perspectives–legal, humanitarian, economic and social– into account). You can take whatever view you want. Just remember to support your arguments with evidence. The goal of the assignment is to assess how well you have understood the readings and how you analyze the.


1) Use the readings from Modules 8,9 and 10 (there are also a few points from earlier weeks)

2) Using these readings, explain in your letter:

  • Where the idea of ‘sanctuary’ comes from and what the need for sanctuary is (or why there isn’t a need for sanctuary but some other resolution)
  • From the perspective of the migrant, what the dangers are of making the migration journey and what the consequences may be of restricting migration
  • Compare this idea of “seeking a better life” with domestic migration (refer back to the reading in the first two weeks about why young people are migrating from rural America)
  • Discuss why policy solutions such as a wall or detention do or do not work
  • How the city can benefit from having migrants and how it might think of ways to integrate them/what the issues for host communities might be

3) Structure of the letter:

  • Begin with an introduction sentence (where you state the argument/problem)
  • In the next 2 paragraphs (the body of the letter), address the salient points of the problem and include evidence (statistics/reports) to explain it
  • In the last 2 paragraphs, propose your action points (solutions) to address the problem you outline (and support these with evidence)

For examples, you can refer to a letter that Temple’s Graduate Student Association (TUGSA) wrote to the administration in light of the current COVID crisis: (Links to an external site.)